What Causes an Electronic Cigarette Explosion?

Vaporizer Vs Electronic Cigarette – What Causes an Electronic Cigarette Explosion?

An electronic cigarette or E-Migraine is a small electronic device that can vaporize a customized liquid using electronic cigarette flavors. In many instances, when the smoker inhales the liquid from the mouthpiece, the electronic microprocessor recognizes the oral inhale and switches the power on the battery, which vaporizes the liquid and produces cigarette smoke. This technology is not new, however, the way it has been implemented into a modern electronic cigarette is quite new. Lithium-ion batteries have provided the power source for electronic circuitry in recent models.


Most electronic cigarettes utilize batteries

which are rechargeable. Lithium-ion batteries are known for their long operating life and high voltages. Rechargeable batteries are especially important for e-cigs that may be used in public places such as restaurants and bars. For this reason, most electronic cigarettes use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.


Electronic cigarettes utilize two different kinds of batteries

to power them; rechargeable batteries and disposable ones. Rechargeable batteries are known for their long operating life and high voltages. The batteries are also able to hold a charge for several days depending on how frequently the user flushes them. These types of e-cigarette batteries have a small indicator in the bottom of the unit which indicates when it’s time to change out the battery so it can be replaced with a new one. The small indicator is visible and easy to see.


Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries have another flaw

they can sometimes explode. This explosion does not happen instantly, but often over a period of time. The explosion is caused by an increase in temperature, which causes a chemical reaction. Once the chemical reaction has occurred, it causes what is called a partial-thickness burn. This happens because lithium metal releases a small amount of hydrogen into the air. When the partial-thickness burn occurs in an enclosed area, it sets off the explosion and creates a shower of mercury gas which can harm both human lungs and eyes.


To stop these explosions, manufacturers of e-cigs

have had to design the units differently from previous models. One of the major changes in the change to the lithium-ion battery, which was the primary cause of many of the electronic cigarettes explosions. They have also had to decrease the voltage of the batteries slightly so that there are fewer chances that the lithium-ion batteries will explode. Although the new batteries are safer, they still produce the same type of vapor and fire.


There are other minor changes

to the way, e-cigs are made, but the main change is the lithium-ion batteries. Manufacturers believe that the new technology will reduce the number of explosions. In the future, electronic cigarettes with lithium-ion batteries will likely become extinct.

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