Tips to clean your contact lenses

How to Properly Clean Your Contact Lenses

There is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to read or do business when having contact lenses in your eyes. My eyeglasses made it impossible for me to wear them, and so I bought some contacts to solve the problem. The contacts worked for a while, but the headaches kept coming back, and the glasses made me look like an old man. In fact, some of my friends thought I was nuts. Well, I think this is how they felt: “What, are you supposed to look like a fool now?”


It was hard trying to adjust to my new contacts.

My eye doctor prescribed something to take care of the discomfort, and I used those for about a year before my eye doctor asked me to get a new pair. I liked the contacts so much that I went back to get a new pair. My eyes were red, my vision was blurry, and I really needed a crisp clear view of everything around me. Like everything else, things are getting better, but they aren’t as good as they were. These days, contact lenses are really just a way of keeping your eyes from looking like an old man’s doornail.


With the many brands and models of contact lenses

on the market today, the first thing you need to do is decide which type you want. Fresh-line contact lenses are the least expensive ones out there, and they come with a plastic case and a disposable lens. Your prescription will tell you what brand and model of contact lenses you should get. These are great because they keep your vision fresh throughout the day, but if you are wearing disposable lenses, you will need to purchase a fresh pair at the end of each day or every other day, depending on how often you use your contact lenses.


The other option available to you

is called extended wear contact lenses this lets you keep using your contacts well into the night because you can insert more lenses in at night, providing you with a fresh, longer-lasting vision. To protect your eyes, it also keeps them protected from infection by stopping the spread of bacteria from the hands of those you look at in the mirror. It is important to note, though, that this option can cause dryness or even pain and irritation around the eye area, especially if you have very sensitive eyes or if you sleep with them open for long periods of time. However, people who use this option report savings in their daily budget because it doesn’t break the bank to buy these products.


For people who are constantly wearing contact lenses

or for those who already wear their contacts too close to their eyes, it is time to get rid of them. There are two options for this: you can throw them away and get a new pair, or you can wash them. As with using disposable lenses, people who choose to wash their lenses often find that the removal process causes problems with their eyes. It may cause irritated eyes or even an infection. It is best to be thoroughly cleaned every time you remove your contacts to avoid this problem.


Once you have cleaned your contacts

make sure that you put them back in the same order as you removed them from your eyes. This will help to eliminate the bacteria that is causing the problem. If you have a favorite pair of contacts that has a lot of bacteria on them, try to swap them out for a new pair that is cleaner. Don’t reuse your old contacts because this only makes matters worse by introducing new bacteria to your eye. Clean your contacts regularly and your vision should improve significantly.

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