the wrong use of a computer screen can harm your eyes

Tips For Healthy Eyes – Avoid Computer Screen Stress

Whether you’re working at a computer all day or not, the wrong use of a computer screen can harm your eyes. Computer monitors emit rays that constantly bombard the cornea of our eyes and if our eyes are not properly protected, it might even result in vision loss. Eye health is very important so, to safeguard your vision and minimize damage from computer screens, here are the top 5 tips for healthy eyes kept in mind by professionals. Read on for more.


First, never stand directly over a computer monitor

Even if you’re using a laptop computer, it’s still very possible for you to get burned by the light that emanates from the screen. It may take only a few seconds for the screen to burn your eyeballs and that’s why you should always avoid standing directly over the computer’s monitor for long hours.


Second, avoid computer strain or prolonged staring

If you’re constantly watching TV or using your laptop computer, chances are you will be putting too much strain on your eyes. And when it comes to computer screens, they are very sensitive. The intensity of screen glare could affect how you perceive colors or shades. So, whenever you’re working on a computer for long hours, make sure that your back or your feet are comfortably cushioned to reduce eye strain.


Third, use computer screens and eyeglasses

that have high water and moisture blocking properties. These are especially important if you are using computer screens for long hours. Glasses with high water and moisture blocking properties prevent the entry of moisture into the eyes and also provide stable vision. So, if you have dry eyes or problems with blurred vision, you should use eyeglasses with high water and moisture blocking properties.


Finally, use sunglasses or corrective lenses

to shield your eyes from harmful UV (UV) rays and other environmental irritants. These factors can cause eye strain, discomfort, itching, and even damage to the eyes. As we all know too much exposure to blue light is bad for us. Too much blue light has been found to stimulate cataracts and even macular degeneration in older people. So, if you are using a computer, make sure that your screen is not too bright and try to avoid blue-blocking items like computer monitors and television sets.


Apart from these tips, monitor and computer

use should be limited to less than one hour at a time to prevent eye strain. You can also practice other eye care tips such as maintaining proper hand hygiene by keeping your fingers away from the computer keyboard. You should also regularly wipe your hands with lukewarm water and use air dryers instead of using your hands.

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