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Using Social Media for Your Small Business’ Promotional Campaigns

The term “proper branding” was first coined by Betzalel Amber in his classic book “The Marketing Brain” (1977). In this book, he discusses the importance of having an organized message for a proper promotional campaign. In many ways, this is similar to today’s media marketing, where brand messaging is very important to get the desired results. Amber believed that if a brand had a clear message and a story to tell, they would be much more likely to attract customers and generate interest in their products and services. A great example of a campaign that shares a message but doesn’t have a story is an ad campaign.


Ad campaigns

have been around almost as long as marketing itself. They are a great way to get the name of your company out in front of potential customers. In this modern age, however, there are many other ways to market yourself to potential customers. An ad campaign is simply a series of advertisements that all share a single theme and message that make up an integrated whole.


When you look at an ad campaign,

you will see that they are usually focused on a particular concept. For example, the “shirts for discounts” offer is just an advertisement for a specific type of product. It may include discounts, promotional codes, free shipping, or other savings. These are the core elements and the most important parts of the promotion. Once you’ve created your core concept, it’s time to start thinking about how you can create a greater awareness of your brand.


One approach to making a promotional campaign more effective

is to make sure it’s part of a long-term plan. This means that instead of spending a lot of money creating a short-term sales promotion, you should work towards building long-term customer loyalty. If you’re promoting a short-term discount, then your audience likely won’t be loyal to your brand for very long, if at all. However, a discount that lasts all year is more likely to retain its customers for several years, helping you secure additional profits.


Another way to use short-term sales promotions

to help your business grow is to create an ongoing relationship with your customers. This can be achieved through your email marketing, direct mail campaigns, and website promotions. Many small companies mistakenly think that by only sending out one piece of information at a time, they will be better off. While this strategy can certainly work, it can also do your company more harm than good.


When planning your promotional campaigns,

keep in mind the overall goal you have for the business. The audience you choose, as well as the format in which you distribute the materials, can greatly impact your results. Don’t forget to focus on the process you choose to communicate with your audience. The best advertising is one that engages your audience, not just sending them a message.

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