How to Save Money With a Bath Shelf Gift Set

Gift ideas are a dime a dozen these days, and the ideas

May be overwhelming if you don’t know what to buy. So, here are a couple cool gift ideas depending on interests: Handcrafted soaps and lotions. Delicious food gifts like loose leaf tea or decadent cookies.

Delightful food gifts such as cookies, chocolates, coffees, teas and homemade jams and jellies. There are so many delicious possibilities with fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish, shellfish and even desserts. If you’re in a bind for unique gift ideas or need help finding that special gift, I have some suggestions for you. Find something from your own kitchen or from your partner’s kitchen or bath. Buy something hand crafted and unique, or make it yourself. You will always find something fun and useful when you put your creative side to work.

Some more unusual gift ideas for the creative types would be a custom map poster

A unique gift that might be a little more expensive than other ideas, but is certainly memorable. Make it yourself by drawing or painting your own sephora or map. Or find a picture of your choice and scan it or print it out onto your computer. Then, email or embroider the image into a sephora, or make it into a pocket calendar.

Another fun idea for unique gift ideas would be a mini waffle iron. This is perfect for anyone with a waffle lover on their gift list. Purchase mini waffle iron (or waffle maker) at your local craft store, or online. Add some edible images or text of favorite gourmet food to your waffle iron for the perfect holiday treat. This would be a great present for friends or family who have a waffle addict in their family.

These ideas are just a few ideas to get your creative juices

For even more great gift ideas consider creating an edible art work like a hand-crafted picture frame or a unique scented candle. Create your own edible gift by taking any favorite picture, artwork or photo, scanning it into your computer and creating your own edible art piece. Scrub the picture gently with a soft bristled brush until you reach a smooth matte finish. Place your picture into your new frame and add some ribbon and bows around the picture to complete your unique gift. Create a sephora as part of a larger gift set such as an adorable baby blanket, baby quilt, or baby bootie for a baby shower gift set that is truly unique and of practical use to others.

Flowing when it comes to creating sephora gifts. My full review of the top brands of sephora products including Sephora, Touchland, and Marketware can be found in my other article. I also recommend visiting gift blogs such as the blog mommyit and check out the gift ideas section there for some great Christmas gift ideas. My family and friends love to receive anything that makes us feel like our gifts are appreciated!

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