How to Perform an Epi-LASIK Procedure

contact lens material is too thin

In order for a contact lens to do its job correctly, it must get and stay in your eye. This can take just a few seconds or much longer depending on how you look at it. If it stays too long in your eye and falls out, it is likely that the contact lens material is too thin. However, if the contact lens does not stay in place and falls out, it is time to throw the lens away and try a new pair.

The following are some tips to keep in mind when using contact lens:

Always wear sunglasses when using contacts. This may seem like common sense, but many people fail to remember to put on their sunglasses before putting on contacts. In order for the contacts to properly fit into your eye, they must not rub against your glasses or any surface and must not catch on anything. Your glasses and the table you are sitting at are a great source of irritants for the contacts.

Always blink your eyes frequently. Most contact lenses are only good for one hour of use at a time. This means that after you wear your contacts for an hour, they will need to re-appear in your eye for another hour before you will be able to wear them again. Therefore, blink often to increase the amount of time your contact lens stays in your eye. Blowing your lips while you are wearing the contacts will also increase the amount of time they stay in your eye.

Never use hard contact lenses when washing your hands. Hard contact lenses are porous and absorbent materials and will not remain soft while washing. When washing your hands you should always use either a soft hand soap preferably hypoallergenic, or a diluted hand sanitizer. Once you have finished washing your hands, use a clean dry towel to gently wipe your face, avoiding the eye area. You should then follow up with a clean soft contact lens case that has been filled with disinfected, sterilized saline solution to remove the residue left behind by the contact lenses.

To keep the lenses clean and infection free, it is recommended that wearers regularly replace their contact lenses. This is usually done by contacting the manufacture and receiving instructions as to how the contact lenses can be replaced. Usually, the lenses are replaceable by the wearers themselves using either soft or hard contacts, depending on the type of wearers’ eye problem. Replacement of contacts should be done according to the direction of the manufacturer to prevent any discomfort. There are many stores that sell contact lenses online, which makes it easy for wearers to shop from the comfort of their homes.

If there is a condition where the upper or lower eyelid droops over the lower eyelid, this can also be treated using the same procedure as those for the lower eyelid. However, this time the operation is performed under general anesthetic. The incisions used to repair drooping eyelids are smaller than those used to correct lower lids and are therefore easier to conceal. Since this type of contact lens is custom fitted, wearers must remember to follow all of the instructions given by the optometrist.

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