How to Compare Business Energy Quotes

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Energy tariffs can vary greatly. Some tariffs are tiered. Tariffs on some products are fixed price for a specified period of time. Other tariffs are tiered with fixed price only during a specified period of time. If you wish to reduce your overall costs, you should consider fixed price tariffs so that you will be able to control your own energy consumption.

When choosing a supplier

Make sure that the supplier has the ability to deliver to your particular area. You can check with the Energy Register website to find out if any supplier has an excellent record on energy tariffs. You also need to check how your chosen supplier measures energy usage against other suppliers in your area to ensure you get similar tariff deals. It is very common for there to be variations in tariffs between different areas. It is therefore advisable to get a few business energy quotes from different suppliers before committing to a contract.

After getting your business energy quotes from several suppliers, now it is time to start the switching process. To start the switching process, you need to call or write your current supplier to inform them you are going to switch. In most cases, your supplier will arrange this for you as part of a bulk deal.

ask your current supplier to provide you with copies

Before you start the switching process, ask your current supplier to provide you with copies of the last few years of their commercial gas and electricity consumption rates. Do not forget to check their tariff quotes too. Be prepared with your own copies as well – just take note of those that your current supplier provides and compare them side by side. The end result of your comparison will be a list of tariffs with rates that are most suitable for your home. This will be your guide in choosing the best tariff to apply for your switch to your new business energy supplier.

Once you have gathered all the business energy quotes from various suppliers, then it is time to approach the companies. It is important to be professional in your approach as the agents that work for these suppliers have a vested interest in helping you secure the best deal possible. So the more courteous, genuine and transparent you are, the better your chances are of securing a good deal. In fact, sometimes the competition can even reduce the rates offered by some of these companies to beat the rates provided by their competitors.

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