Hotel Technology Brings New Opportunities To The table For Hotel Owners

Technology is the key to future-proofing your hotel business

But what exactly does this mean? Well, it means that you should embrace technology in all areas of your hotel operations. Smart Parking. 10 Alternative lodging. 11 Hotel Business Continuum.

Hotels have traditionally been seen as an edgy establishment. This has been attributed to the fact that many times hotels have been located in less desirable locations and have had difficult experiences with high volume guest booking such as at the airport and train stations. As such, a smart hotel technology provider should be able to provide alternative accommodation options where possible. Alternative lodging may involve guest being able to book online or through a mobile device such as a smartphone. Online bookings have been seen to have a higher customer satisfaction rating than traditional bookings, so it would seem that hotel technology providers should think about offering this type of option to guests.

A smart hotel is provider should be able to offer enhanced message functionality

Another way in which guest experience can be improved is through the use of hotel pms. Hotel property management systems typically offer some form of SMS messaging functionality, but most times it is limited. A smart hotel is provider should be able to offer enhanced message functionality, including integration with other hotel platforms, the ability to send multiple messages in one message, the ability to send and receive messages in bulk and the ability to view all incoming and outgoing messages. Another benefit of integrating your hotel pms with your property management system (PMS) is that it can help to reduce your inbox clutter by enabling you to keep important emails and appointment reminders in one location. This can help you get more out of the work day and also assist in keeping track of your guests’ whereabouts.

Another way in which technology can be used to future proof your hotel is through the introduction of hotelier software solutions. These software solutions allow for the integration of guest messaging apps with check-in, reservation processing and check-out. The potential for these applications is endless as more hoteliers adopt the idea of smart phone check-ins. Some existing hoteliers have already begun to incorporate these software solutions into their hotels. If you are a hotelier that hasn’t yet started to take advantage of these innovations, then now may be the perfect time to do so!

Hoteliers that want to ensure the success and profitability of their hotels

Hoteliers that want to ensure the success and profitability of their hotels should consider utilizing PCCS or Hotel Customer Check Technology. PCCS is an application that manages all of a hotel’s reservations, accounts and related data in real time from the front desk. By using a PCCS, a hotelier can quickly and accurately obtain and print out check-in/check-out receipts, print out maps and much more. Hotel property management systems that utilize PCCS will also be able to provide hotel guests with the option to print out special promos and discount offers, host party events, manage contact lists, manage reservations and much more. Since a hotel’s business model relies on repeat customers, the use of Hotel Customer Check Technology can significantly increase profits.

With Hotel Business Center, developers can add Hotel Business Center features to existing hotel property management systems. A Hotel Business Center provides a central location for hoteliers to access information about reservations, specials and discount offers, coupons and more. Using Hotel Business Center, hoteliers can also conduct hotel-wide promotions and events such as parties, meet-ups, seminars and conventions. Ultimately, developing a hotel pms solution can save time, money and effort while allowing hoteliers to better serve their guests.

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