History of Samurai Swords

battle and for everyday cutting

For centuries the Samurai Swords of Japan has been an intrinsic part of our culture. We proudly carry them about as a sign of tradition and honor. We use them for ceremonial purposes, battle and for everyday cutting. But in the space of just a couple of days, just had dramatically transformed what was once an almost extinct tradition into a vibrant cultural hub in one of the most historically significant cities on earth.

On March 4th, in response to a surging demand for authentic samurai swords, the Wakamori family was moved from their sleepy garden spot on the shores of Japan’s beautiful Pacific island of Hokkaido to a small village called Nagarego on Japan’s Ogasawara Islands. It had been nearly three months since the family arrived, but even that was an achievement in keeping with tradition. Most Japanese Samurai Swords is keeping hidden away until needed, never to be used on anyone but their immediate family members. It was also tradition that the blade is forged in the hands of a single master swordsmith. The home town of the Samurai Swords of Japan is called Okayama, and its native people are known as the Sanada family.

Japan has been documented throughout history

The tradition of blacksmithing in Japan has been documented throughout history. The first known Samurai Sword was said to have been created by a blacksmith in the year 715. Legend has it that this single weapon was used in a legendary clash between two warriors. However, historical records do not say whether either warrior ever did actually die in the great sword battle.

What we do know is that in the year 1470, a skilled blacksmith by the name of Masahiro Inari performed the first real test of sword skill. He created a design for a new style of sword that incorporated some features from both katana and cutlass. Two years later he demonstrated in front of a group of samurai swordsmen of the Japan feudal military that the new style of sword was both strong and flexible. The resulting sword, which was now known as the ‘blaze of glory’, was known as the ‘ashi’ and would eventually be known as one of the most successful innovations in combat swords that history has ever seen.


Today’s Samurai Swords have been adopted, through design and manufacture, by many cultures all throughout the world including the United States. A good example of this is the discovery of the blacksmithing techniques that go into making authentic samurai swords in the southwestern part of the country. There are craftsmen in Arizona who still make these beautiful blades. These blacksmiths have maintained the distinctive features that have made these swords so famous over the centuries.

Samurai swords are still used to this day in Japan, despite the fact that most modern Japan has long embraced guns and other arms that are much more accurate and lethal. For the samurai class these swords represent the past and a time when every inch of life was sacred and important. These weapons were not only used to wage war but were also used for ceremonial purposes as well. This included carrying their weapons and following tradition in daily dress. For this reason, when you buy a Japanese samurai sword today, it will most likely be authentic and battle ready.

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