Facts You May Want To Know About Baby Formula

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Baby formula is a popular choice of food for new babies, especially those born in the months prior to their first birthday. The majority of these formulas contain bovine milk which is usually a blend of cow and calf milk. This milk is generally produced without the use of a lactose intolerant enzyme so that it may be consumed by infants with lactose intolerance. These formulas are generally nutritionally balanced to provide your baby with all of the nutrients he or she needs to be healthy. However, there are some parents who choose to substitute cow’s milk with another milk or baby formula, especially for the first few months of life when the baby’s nutrition isn’t very well-maintained.


This milk is derived from the beans of a selected number of soy breeds, allowing for it to be gluten free and generally nutritionally balanced. In addition, the baby is not exposed to any casein protein which can be harmful to his or her health. There are many baby formula companies that are using soybean in their formulas and some people believe this is a healthier option than cow’s milk.


While many experts recommend breast milk as the best food for a baby, there are some who believe that a baby formula made entirely from soy milk may actually be healthier for him or her. This is simply because babies who are given soy milk do not receive the same exposure to various bacteria and viruses as babies who are fed cow’s milk. Soy is a safe food for baby. Additionally, breast milk has been proven to contain adequate amounts of calcium for the baby’s growing bones and teeth.

If you decide to go with a baby formula made entirely from soybean, you may want to check with your baby’s pediatrician to see if he or she should avoid eating solid foods while they are waiting to get their first set of teeth. A baby formula made from cow’s milk or goat’s milk may also pose a risk to a baby’s health. For these reasons, you may want to consult your doctor if you are on the fence about going with a soy based formula.

Baby Formula

In the United States, baby formula manufacturers are required to use the phrase ‘hydrolyzed’ whenever they refer to the nutritional content of their products. What this means is that the product is made up of at least sixty percent protein, but it also contains at least twenty-five percent crude fiber, ten percent crude fat and at least two percent zinc. The goal of the manufacturer is to provide a nutritionally balanced product for the baby. However, the government can also request that the manufacturers supplement the content with other vitamins, minerals, and even antioxidants. In many ways, this is an attempt to encourage consumers to buy baby formula that is higher in these items. In addition to the government, many baby food companies have begun adding more of these beneficial ingredients to their products, as well.

In general, though, you may not always need to buy it from baby formula manufacturers. If you want to reduce your child’s risk of developing allergies or even developing special health problems later on in life, you may want to shop for baby food at specialty stores and even some grocery stores. By choosing foods that are known to be full of vitamins and minerals, you can significantly reduce your baby’s risk. If you have to buy it from the store, you will need to read the nutrition facts on the product and make sure that it contains everything your baby needs. In any case, the cheapest baby formula doesn’t necessarily mean the best.

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