Different Welding Techniques – Overview

Stick welding is not as popular as it once was and there are good reasons

While there are many benefits of stick welding it is also susceptible to some of the same issues stick welding has historically been prone to like inaccurate shielding gas timing and/or incorrect arc length, consumable electrodes and impure air contamination. There is a simple way to reduce these pitfalls though and stick welding continues to be one of the most reliable welding processes in the industry. Shielded metal arc welding (SDAW), also called shielded stick welding, flux cored metal arc welding (FCAW), direct shielded metal arc welding (DSAW) or stick welding is a direct metal arc welding method that makes use of a consumable electrode protected by a flue to lay the weld. Unlike stick welding electrodes in DSAW are placed directly into the electric arc and the consumable electrodes are not shielded by a shielding gas and, therefore, typically have a shorter range of operating temperatures and they produce less total heat.

Flux cored electrodes in DSAW are held in the welding area until the metal is ready to be welded. The electrode is placed over the work area and turned on so that the tip of the electrodes come in contact with the work surface. The welding process occurs as the workpiece is pulled away from the electrode. When a workpiece comes in contact with the first two digits of the weld puddle the welding current starts and the arc is completed.

the best weld there is much attention paid to the tig table or the half-a-ton table

This is the starting point of the arc and it is located so that you can see both the starting and ending angles of the arc. The tig table tells you what is happening at the moment the arc strikes the work piece and the half-a-ton table tells you how much current is produced. You have to know the difference between these two figures before you start your work.

Stick welders, also known as direct stick welders, are the most common type of hand held welder today. Most stick welders have an automatic kickback system that reduces the chances of injury to you and the workpiece when it is your turn to kick back. The kickback is controlled by a control device mounted on the welding equipment. Kickbacks can be manually activated or can be automatic depending on the model of the welding equipment. There is also a limit on the voltage and amperage that can be input to the welding equipment to control kickback.


A type of welding known as flux cored flux-cored electrode is used to join materials that are soft. This type of welding is called consumable welding because you do not need to constantly replace consumable welding parts. The welding gun will create the arc and then a small tap of the welding fluid will activate the filler wire in the gun. The filler wire is then connected to the welding material as the arc is formed.

A very common method of welding is gas tig and mig welding. Both of these types of welding can be used with mild steel alloys. Both of these types of welds are typically used to weld steel frames and other metal components. However, stainless steel welding is more commonly used to weld aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

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