Armor in World of Warcraft

armor in World of Warcraft – A Brief Citation Needed

For certain units in the game World of Warcraft, every character starts with one armor type: Light Armor. Light Armor is usually used for healing and tanking capabilities and comes in two forms: Outfitting and Heavy Armors. Outfitting gives you the most armor and power for your money. Heavy Armors grants the least amount of armor but also grants the biggest bonuses. There are three types of Heavy Armor in the game: Chainmail, Plate, and Scale Mail.


COVERT ARMOR: Covert armor is intended to be worn beneath normal clothes.

This type of armor is weaker than normal plate armor but it still provides a good amount of protection. These normally come in darker shades of green. They are thicker than normal armors and must be worn underneath your regular clothes. Overtarmors are generally black and are much heavier.


Velocity ARMOR: Velocity armor

is a special category that decreases wind resistance. This helps you shoot bullets with high velocity. The velocity decreases based on how many layers of protection you have. This type of armor is similar to heavy plates, but the former comes with a bigger price. It is also less resistant to fire damage.


Cavalry ARMOR: Cavalry armor is worn mainly for protection.

It provides moderate damage immunity and reduces the speed of targets. It has stronger armaments than normal plate armor. It is made from heavy metals such as adamantium and is heavy and bulky. As a result, it cannot be used for long-ranged attacks.


Bulletproof ARMOR: In WoW bulletproof body armor

is a special category that increases your chance to survive a hit. This decreases the chance to get hit by a bullet or explosion caused by a gun. This is the most effective form of body armor available. You need a certain amount of this armor to improve the chances of surviving a hit. This armor protects your body against high caliber ammo, Projectiles, and other attacks. As a result, it can increase the amount of time you survive.


Heavy Cavalry armor and bulletproof armor are very important in World of Warcraft.

Both are wearable by any class and play a vital role in the game. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tank, healer, or DPS player. These armor types are highly recommended to wear.


There are several types of armor found in WOW.

Some examples are Light Armor, Medium Armor, and Heavy armor. A brief citation is needed to explain each one: Light armor is generally worn by melee characters such as rogues, paladins, and shamans. They have very limited options in terms of armor since its only purpose is aesthetic appearance.


On the other hand, medium armor is worn by tanks and bruisers.

They use large plates on their chest and back that reduce their movement speed and attack speed. Heavy armor is the most effective armor in WoW and the third most popular armor type. It is mainly utilized by plate carriers, heavies, and other armored units. For melee units, the most popular type of armor is steel plates. Steel Plates are commonly used by heavily armored melee units.

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