Collecting Japanese Swords – Things to Look For

Samurai Wakizashi is an excellent choice when it comes to the selection of your Samurai sword. This is because this type of sword has many advantages and benefits compared to other sword types available in the market today. In fact, the Samurai Sword is one of the most famous weapons used by samurai warriors in Japan for so many years. If you are interested in having one, you must be aware of some important facts about Samurai Wakizashi so that you will be able to make the right decision when purchasing one.


First, know the history of Samurai Wakizashi.

Samurai Wakizashi is actually a Japanese single-edged short sword with a short shank blade. The short shank is actually a traditional length for Japanese swords and is usually around 30 to 60 centimeters (one to two feet). Wakizashi has also been used by samurai warriors as a backup or side sword and in some cases as a general-purpose sword. The wakizashi originated during the Edo period and is primarily known by the term “Samurai Swords” even though there were actually other types of swords used during this time period.


Second, check out where the wakizashi came from.

Samurai swords were forged of high carbon steel and were popularly used during the Edo period. However, they were only used for cutting and not as a primary weapon. During the Meiji Period, a new sword-making technique was developed and the blades were made of high carbon steel called “Rambo” which gave the blade the name. The first wakizashi blades were only around three inches long, which made them very difficult to use by the common man.


The third thing you should look for is a good quality wakizashi

is the quality of the metal. This metal will be stamped with the manufacturer’s name and the year of its fabrication. The year of manufacture is important because it indicates the skill of the craftsman who made it. The better the quality of steel used, the more pure the weapon will be. Also, the more impurities the sword has been through, the better the sword will be in its quality and durability.


Finally, consider the styling of the swords

Samurai swords can be in different lengths and come in a variety of shapes. Some are straight, others have an obtuse curvature, while some are square or rectangular. Some katana manufacturers offer variations of the basic design, which are popular among collectors. There are even katana that combine both styles – popular among the fans of Japanese historical fiction.


Collecting Japanese short swords

is not just about collecting pieces of history. They are excellent gifts to give to those who appreciate fine objects of art. With the quality and rarity that wakizashi swords possess, they are worth every cent.

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